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Applying the         patch


For best results, keep the B1 patch on for a period of 6-8 hours. Use new B1 patch daily

Clipart Credit: Safe Medication - Transdermal Patches

Step 1.jpg
Wash your hands before applying patch to prevent any dirt or residue from getting on the patches
Step 4 .jpg
Once you remove the B1 Patch from the bag, Simply peel the patch from the backing square. 
Step 2.jpg
Apply the B1 Patch before starting or during the day. Simply peel the patch from the backing square and apply it to a dry, smooth & hairless area of your body (arms, chest, legs, etc)

*For best results, apply before adding any lotion to the skin or before any workout to ensure the patch stays on 
Step 5.jpg
Once patch is on the skin, go around the edges with your finger to make sure the B1 patch is flat on the skin (should be no bumps or folds in the patch in order to ensure the patch stays on)
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