Frequently Asked Questions

What is the B1 patch?

It’s the safest, most natural and effective way to help your body receive the essential vitamin, Thiamine, commonly known as B1. It is all natural, water soluble and vital to our bodies.

Where should I apply the B1 patch?

The patch should be applied to a dry, hairless area of the body. Any part of the skin will yield the same result of absorption; however, areas of the body with "tougher" skin such as the shoulder, forearm or bicep etc. tend to do better with removal.

How long should I wear the B1 patch?

Although the dose is a full day supply of B1, you only need to wear the patch 5-7 hours. When applied, the patch is white-ish and as the thiamine is absorbed the patch will become transparent.

How often can I wear the B1 patch?

Because of the body's ongoing necessity for B1 a patch may be worn daily!

What is the shelf life of an unused B1 patch?

Our patches, when unopened, generally have a shelf life of 12 months.

Why is there a residue outline?

For maximum safety, we use a glue that is not permeable through the skin; therefore it is not going into your body - rather it stays on the outside. This is by design, so only the B1 vitamin is absorbed. As you perspire the glue will seep through the sides and grab little particles of dust or dirt thereby creating the residue outline. This can easily be removed with baby oil or a good washing with soap.

Is the B1 patch FDA approved?

Thiamine is on the FDA daily recommended list as an essential vitamin. Because our patch is neither a food nor containing a drug, FDA approval is not required. We are a 100% all Natural product!

Can I wear it while swimming, showering or perspiring?

Our B1 Patch is 100% waterproof! As long as you apply it prior to getting wet, putting on suntan lotion or body moisturizer the adhesive is not affected.

Why do I need B1?

B1 is necessary for all bodily functions to operate properly and efficiently. Vitamin B1 is the only vitamin that is fatal if your body doesn’t have enough at any one time. Furthermore, unlike other vitamins, such as D, the human body cannot produce B1 on its own; therefore, we all must get it from an outside source. B1 can only stay in the body 10-14 days. Persons engaging in strenuous physical activity or high stress use thiamine at 2-3x the normal rate.

How much Thiamine is in each B1 patch?

75mgs of hospital-grade Thiamine.

How do I remove the B1 patch?

The patch is designed to stay on your skin firmly. When removing, do not just pull the patch off! Lift each corner and then peel toward the middle. Once you see a side giving more freely then ease the patch off.

When does the B1 patch become effective?

You will generally feel a positive physical difference within 30 mins – typically you will experience a better physical and mental balance. It is important to note that the B1 patch is not an artificial stimulant and your experience will not be that which you may expect if you were to consume an energy drink/caffeine etc.

Can I wear multiple B1 patches?

Yes. Multiple Thiamine studies have shown no toxicity at high dosage.

Is Thiamine an approved substance for competitive sports?

Thiamine is approved for Domestic, International, Amateur and Professional sports.

Are there any adverse effects?

There are no adverse effects of Thiamine even at high levels. Furthermore, Thiamine does not create a negative interaction with other prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs you may be taking.

Can I wear the B1 patch if I am pregnant?

Thiamine is included in almost every prenatal vitamin prescription.

Are these safe for kids?

The ingredients are safe for any age, however, because the patches are designed to sustain athletic competition - the B1 patch, when removed, could be painful for kids under six years of age.