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  • How much Thiamine is in each B1 patch?
    75mgs of hospital-grade Thiamine (HCL)
  • How do I remove the B1 patch?
    The patch is designed to stay on your skin firmly. When removing, do not just pull the patch off! Lift each corner and then peel toward the middle. Once you see a side giving more freely then ease the patch off.
  • How often can I wear the B1 patch?
    Because of the body's ongoing necessity for B1 a patch may be worn daily!
  • What is the B1 patch?
    It’s the safest, most natural and effective way to help your body receive the essential vitamin, Thiamine, commonly known as B1. It is all natural, water soluble and vital to our bodies.
  • Are there any adverse effects?
    There are no adverse effects of Thiamine even at high levels. Furthermore, Thiamine does not create a negative interaction with other prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs you may be taking.
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